Homilies for Advent and Ordinary Time

Bible Studies

1st Sunday Advent

1st Sunday of Advent cycle a 2020.mp3Fr. Miller
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Christ the King

Christ King of the UniverseFr. Miller
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33rd Sunday

33rd Sunday Ordinary Time cycle c 2019.mArtist Name
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Chapter 5, Jesus and the Sabbath

32nd Sunday

32nd week ordinary time cycle c 2019.mp3Artist Name
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40 Hours Minserville Nov 15th-17th

Day 1

40 hours Minersville day 1 2019.mp3Artist Name
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Day 2

40 hours Minersville day 2 2019.mp3Artist Name
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Day 3

40 Hours Minersville 2019.mp3Artist Name
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Marian Apologetic's Class

For class 11/4

1. What does Pope Benedict say about the Gospels and History?

2. In what sense do skeptics use the word 'myth'?

3. Describe the genre of Gospel?

4. Explain the historical and external evidence for the historicity of the Gospels.  

1. List and briefly explain the 5 theories against the resurrection.

2. Explain some of the reasons against the swoon theory (you don't have to explain all nine)

3. Explain some of the arguments against the conspiracy theory.


4. Explain against the hallucination theory

5. As well as the myth

6. Give some of the internal and external evidence the Gospels were written by eyewitness

St. Joseph
the Worker Parish